​​A R Recovery Solutions of Hawaii's philosophy is that a combined effort between our agency and your office will always result in the most beneficial results for both of us. 

We are an extension of your office and we welcome your initial and continued interest in our progress!

Our service is personal. 

Your business is unique and we tailor our services to fit your organization. Our goal is to get your lost money back in your bank where it belongs. This is why A R Recovery Solutions of Hawaii strives to maintain the highest rates of return in the industry.

We recognize that customers are hard to get and even harder to keep.

That is why our collection procedures are designed to preserve good will. After all, even if you don't want the customer who is delinquent to keep running up the tab, you also don't want a vocal group of former customers ruining a reputation that you have spent years building.

We can help with collection techniques that are professional and knowledgeable.
Techniques designed to get your money returned, while maintaining your professional image.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. 
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